What Do We Offer?

The Port Antonio High School Language Department is made up of a dynamic group of energetic individuals spanning both campuses. The department strives to engage students in practical preparation to fulfil the mandate of the school’s motto: For Life We Learn. Students are groomed to become creative and critical thinkers as they work and communicate in a collaborative environment. The Department believes in continual personal development and as such, our members are always engaged in workshops- both internal and external as well as the developments and offerings in our areas of specialization.

The Language Department currently offers a wide variety of areas, to include; English Language, English Literature, Literatures in English, Communication Studies and Spanish. Where applicable, these are offered in compliance with the major examination bodies, namely, Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) and City and Guild’s.

In order to remain effective and mentally astute, the department members remain family oriented and promote team work. Every meeting can be a fun filled meeting with a reason to celebrate! This bonding is a major contributing factor to our continued development and success.

Grades: 7-11- English Language, and English Literature

Grades: 7-9- Spanish

Grade: 11 CXC English A & B; City & Guild’s English

Grade 12: - Communication Studies

Grades: 12 and 13 – Literatures in English

Activities within our department

Open Day Exhibition

Department Socials