4H Club

The Port Antonio High Schools 4H Club continues to form a major part of the school’s extra-curricular programme. The 4H club engages over 150 students across grades 7 – 13 annually in competitive events covering skill-based areas in:

  1. Agriculture

  2. Human Ecology

  3. Leadership Skills

  4. Entrepreneurship

  5. Information technology

  6. Environmental Management

  7. Climate Smart technologies

The club takes pride in assisting the holistic development of each clubite allowing students to compliment these skill- based competencies with academic subject areas. The club boasts a myriad of members matriculating to the College of Agriculture, Science and Education annually who have benefitted from scholarships won as a result of its many activities and participation.

Our unique training style ‘weekend camps’ allows us to maintain and achieve excellent results.

The 4H Club continues to harness opportunities for members and hence has retained its title of the Parish and Regional Champions since 2007. The club does not only dominates on the local and regional level but also on the international stage, as it boast with its first participant from Jamaica and the Caribbean at large to participate in the International Four–H Youth (IFYE) programme to Finland.

Vegetable juice drink preparation

Edible arrangement preparation by student

Making of Widow curtains

Mural for the Healthy Lifestyle Competition 2018
Student carrying out circumposing before competition day.

Student practicing grafting in preparation for his competition.

Clubites in their school garden