Overview of the Choir

Port Antonio High school Choir is one of the intuition's extracurricular activities that has showcased both the raw and developed talents that our students have to offer. Our Musical Department is headed by Mr. Burnett Anderson Teacher of Music and our Choir Director is Mrs. S. Thompson-Wiggins a Teacher of Mathematics. Our Choir consists of thirty-two (32) students from both the main campus and campus II; Students from grade 7-11 and even grade 12-13 are members of the choir.

In 2020 our students went to the JCDC Auditions with sixteen (16) items of which all were allowed passes to the next level which was Parish final. At the Parish Finals we were successful in receiving three (3) Goals, Nine (9) Silvers and four (4) bronze. Our institution also held its 60th Anniversary this year where we attended every event hosted by the school, events such as our Church Service and Open Day. It didn’t stop there as we went ahead and perform at Evening of Excellence hosted on by the JCDC organization, we also represented the school at several funeral services and church services just to name a few. We meet every Tuesdays and Thursdays for rehearsal on the school grounds.

We are guided by the motto “Let the music speak, life is a song.” As we thrive to do nothing but our best we continue to do it with the music.