What Do We Offer?

The Eurhythmic Department consist of the following subjects:

  1. Music

  2. Art

  3. Drama

Drama and Music is offered to students from grade 7 to 9 while Art is offered up to the CSEC level.

Activities Within Our Department

Shinning Start Competition

The Port Antonio High School "Shinning Star" is an annual Singing/DJ Competition which started in 2017 by the Eurhythmic and Guidance Department. This idea was conceived by Mr. Anderson in collaboration with Mr. F. Johnson. The competition gives students the opportunity to express themselves through the performing arts and to gain experience in stage performance in public. Students also get a chance to win cash prizes at the end of the competition.

Visual Arts Project

Students doing Visual Arts are encouraged to participate in projects around the school. This will give them a chance to practice mural painting which is usually on a larger scale than studio painting. This will also expose them to different painting mediums

Students' Work Displayed on Open Day

Drama Club