Mr. Martin Blackwood, Chairman

The school is managed by the Board of Management which acts on behalf of the Ministry of Education. It is the responsibility of the Board to ensure that the school operates in line with the Education Code of Regulations and other instructions of the Ministry. The board consists of thirteen (13) members, each of whom represents a sector within the organization.


  1. Mr. Basil Graham - Principal

  2. Mrs. D. Logan - Vice Principal, Shift 1

  3. Ms. S. Henry - Vice Principal (Acting), Shift 2

  4. Mr. H. Brown - Vice Principal, Campus 2

  5. Mr. D. Hartley - Dean of Discipline

Administrative Staff

There are ten (10) members of the administrative staff who deal with issues relating to students, parents and teachers. This office is led by Mrs. Nicola Morgan, the School's Bursar who ensures that proper financial records and reports are maintained at all times and is in line with the Ministry's policies. In addition, she also oversees the overall operation of auxiliary staff.

Academic Staff

There are one hundred and three (103) teachers on staff which spans eleven different departments.

Heads of Department

  1. Agriculture Science - Mr. T. Williams

  2. Business and Computing - Ms. C. Hall

  3. Eurhythmic - Mr. B. Anderson

  4. Guidance - Mrs. C. Evans

  5. Language - Ms. L. King, Acting

  6. Industrial Technology - Mr. R. Jackson, Acting

  7. Science - Ms. C. Heslop

  8. General Studies - Mrs. A. Valentine

  9. Human Ecology - Mrs. V. Hylton

  10. Mathematics - Ms. J. Roper

  11. Physical Education - Mr. C. Brissett

Grade Supervisors

  1. Grade 7 - Ms. A. Harry and Ms. A. Thomas

  2. Grade 8 - Ms. E. Francis (shift 1) and Mrs. C. Brown Pinnock (Shift 2)

  3. Grade 9 - Mr. R. Bailey (Shift 1) and Ms. S. Panton (Shift 2)

  4. Grade 10 - Mrs. Y. Nash-Grizzle (Shift 1) and Mr. K. Fox (Shift 2)

  5. Grade 11 - Mrs. B. Williams (Shift 1) and Mr. A. Evans (Shift 2)

  6. Grade 12 & 13 - Mrs. S. McQueen

Exam Coordinator

  1. Mr. D. Baker

Work Experience Coordinator

  1. Ms. F. Nicholls

Canteen/Tuckshop Supervisor

  1. Mrs. Winklett - McLarty

Bookroom Coordinator

  1. Mrs. K. Brown -Taylor

Ancillary Staff

There are seventeen members of the ancillary staff who works assiduously on a daily basis to ensure that the needs of all individuals on the compound is taken care of. These persons include: janitors, canteen and tuck shop staff and security personnel.