Environmental Club

The Port Antonio High School Environmental club is an adjoining club to the 4H club. It aims to promote environmental awareness to its members and the school population. “The environment protectors” so they are called, develop different strategies in dealing with different environmental problems such as; painting and labelling of drums to encourage the use for proper disposal of waste there are also labelled drums and areas where plastic bottles and other reusable materials are disposed. The club participates yearly in the international Coastal Cleanup.

The club also boast in its many achievements such as; placing second at the Parish final in the “Eat It To Beat It” debate competition promoting Lion Fish awareness. The Club has captured the Schools Environment Programme (SEP) Award for The Most Environmental Aware School not once, nor twice, but on three separate occasions. Champion Environment teacher and Youth Environment leader are other achievements made by the club.

Collection of Award for The Most Environmental Aware School Through the Schools Environment Programme (SEP)

Other Activities

Participation in International Coastal Cleanup
Preparing garbage drums for garbage management activity at school as part of our efforts to ensure a healthy environment