The Guidance Counselling and Welfare Department of the Port Antonio High School can be referred to as one that is multifaceted. We take into account a comprehensive approach to the well-being of our students and staff members. Young minds need proper guidance that will make them potent to stand in society and make them confident in themselves. As Guidance Counselors, it is our core function to prepare students mentally and socially to deal with any challenge that they may face in school or in the wider society.

Therefore, it is the aim of the Guidance Program to first and foremost:

  • Educate students and the school community about adjusting to a changing world

  • Foster effective learning

  • Equip students with the latest career trends

  • Prepare students to be competent for future success

  • Improve personal development

  • Induce team work and leadership qualities

  • Give the students a sense of belonging and the opportunity to be heard

  • Facilitate them with better communication skill that will enhance their personalities and boost their self-esteem.

Some of the services that are offered by this department are:

  • Career Guidance

  • Individual, group and family counselling on both academic and personal problems

  • Sessions on:

o How to deal with psychological problems

o Conflict resolution

o Acceptable social behavior

o Proper coping skills

o Proper decision making

o Goal setting

o Coping with peer pressure

o Improving self confidence

Seminars are held for:

  • World AIDS day

  • Drug awareness day

  • Gender day

  • Career day

  • Parent Day

  • Talent exposition day (The shining star show)

Referrals are made to the relevant agencies where necessary

To get in contact with the guidance department, please complete the following form below: Guidance Counselling Referral Form