Principal's Message

Port Antonio High School is located to the west of the Port Antonio town centre. It is a coeducational institution offering a wide range of subjects and other capacity building opportunities for its students. Established in 1960, the school has seen many developmental changes over the years in name, offerings and experiences.

Here at the Port Antonio High School, we believe in the full exposure of all our students to all possible opportunities so that they are able to act from an informed perspective, at least in selecting an area of study for their career development. We encourage the selection of an area of technical competence that ensures that students are given a competence of their choice that may well become their life’s occupation in their later years.

We currently occupy two campuses one being the campus of the former Fellowship Primary and Junior High School and the main campus located in Boundbrook, Port Antonio. The school is staffed by one Principal and three Vice Principals in this era of its transition. The Fellowship Campus (Campus 2) operates as a ‘whole day’ school and the Main Campus continues on the shift basis.

The school is on a path to have 100% of its students at the CSEC level, sitting examinations up from a portion of the population in the past. We currently operate a ‘traditional’ Sixth Form with a focus on the technical areas.

We have a very strong presence in all co-curricular activities 4H and JCDC Festival being of significant note. We are also the founders of the Anti-Human Trafficking effort in schools at every level. Our Cheerleading efforts have come to international recognition. Our sporting prowess is also well known as we are competitive in all endeavours such as football, track and field, cricket and cheerleading. We are poised to continue along this path and encourage your partnership in making our next steps.

Being wholly owned and operated by the Government of Jamaica, our Board of Management lead by current longstanding Chairman Martin Blackwood (General Manager Portland Cooperative Credit Union) and Vice-Chairman Diana Wynter, we are poised to continue on our successful path.

I welcome you to our school and hope that our website will serve to inspire your continued support and entreat your continued engagement.

Please browse, leave a comment, but most importantly find the information you seek. Our archives and links should be available at the click of your mouse as I take this opportunity to welcome you to a virtual tour of the Port Antonio High School.

Basil Graham

Principal 2011-Present