What Do We Offer?

The Business and Computing Department aims at providing well rounded individuals who are able to function effectively in our changing world. We pride ourselves with engaging students practically by providing them with real life challenges and hands-on activities.

The subjects that are offered include:

Grade 7 - 8

  1. Resource and Technology

Grade 9

  1. Entrepreneurship (JACE)

Grade 10 - 11 (CXC)

  1. Electronic Document Preparation Management

  2. Information Technology

  3. Office Administration

  4. Principles of Business

  5. Principles of Accounts

Grade 12- 13

  1. Management of Business

  2. Entrepreneurship

Activities Within Our Department

Grade 10 Marketing Sales Day

Every year, Grade 10 Principles of Business students are engaged in a Marketing Sales Day. The aim of the event is to allow students to use their creative, communicative, collaborative and critical thinking skills to create a product of their choice.

Students are expected to complete a series of activities leading up to the main event on May 1, 2019. These activities include: designing a poster to advertise their product, creating a video to promote their product on social media so that persons can like and share, and pitching their business idea to a panel of judges. On the day of the event, students are expected to sell their products at school during the break period. The team that wins is awarded with trophies and medals.

Port Antonio Savings Club

The Portland Cooperative Credit Union, in collaboration with the Business and Computing Department, started a savings club in 2019. The purpose of the club is to encourage students at an early stage to save money. The club is operated solely by business students who are guided by their teachers. Savings is done on specified days.

Over the years, the Credit Union has contributed to our department by conducting trainings of different nature as well as acting as resource personnel for seminars and other presentations.

JACE Product Launch by Grade 9