What Do We Offer?

The General Studies Department has a compliment of twelve (12) teachers who covers the curriculum for five subject areas , with Geography being our newest addition at the lower school to be extended to the CAPE Level in 2020.


CSEC Subjects

  1. Social Studies - grades 8 – 11

  2. Religious Education - grades 8 – 9

  3. History - grades 9 – 11

  4. Geography (New addition), continuing with Grade 7s from Campus 2 as grade 8s and extending to including the grade 9 students. This subject will eventually be taught at Grades 10 and 11 and in the 6th Form Program

  5. History - grades 9, 10 and 11

CAPE Subjects

  1. Sociology Units I and 2

  2. Caribbean Studies

  3. Geography

Activities Within Our Department

Each year the department hosts a number of activities that are integral in teaching students about their Cultural Heritage and the importance of it . These activities include:

  1. Celebrating /Remembering Louis Bennett-Coverley’s Birthday - Sept. 7 of each school year

  2. National Heroes Week Celebrations - October of each year

  3. Bob Marley’s Birthday - February 6

  4. Black History and Reggae Month in February of each year

  5. Jamaica Day

We have two clubs in operation : The Environment Club and Culture Club