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As we welcome 2021 into our lives, let us be hopeful it will be a year of bright prospects for us all. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused us to redefine the way we deliver education and it is quite evident that this will not be reversed. However, we are confident that as a school family we will transcend any obstacles that come our way with the help of our Almighty God.

The start of a new year means new beginnings, renewed commitments and even continuation of projects begun. It is however, hoped that, non-progressive actions of old will give way to more productive habits that will see us succeeding individually as well as collectively.

To the teaching and support staff we laud you for your continued unwavering hard work and dedication towards the students we educate and nurture on a daily basis as we see to their academic and co-curricular developments.

Parents we welcome your continued involvement in the lives of the students and the activities of the school. Positive parenting goes a far way and much of this is given and achieved through the support you offer to your child and the examples of worth you display for them to emulate.

Students much of what you will achieve in your life is highly dependent on how well you utilize the opportunities you are presented with today as well as what you do with any obstacle or challenge you may experience on your sojourn.

The robust professionalism and dedication displayed by the Board of Management can only portend well for the continuation of the school’s development, and for this we are most grateful.

Our past students and friends of the Port Antonio High School have maintained their ties with the institution, a relationship we do not take for granted, but understand the profound impact that influences the success of this noble institution.

Again let us together say thanks to God for allowing us this opportunity to be experiencing another year in service to the development of our nation.

God’s richest blessings to all, as we go through 2021.

Management Team

Principal & Vice Principals

MissIon Statement

The mission of the Port Antonio High School is to foster the holistic development of its students with emphasis on the inculcation of positive self-concepts, values and attitudes along with quality vocational and academic training, so as to equip them with the necessary life skills to function effectively and efficiently in the home, the community and the changing world.

Mr. Basil Graham

Principal's Message

Here at the Port Antonio High School, we believe in the full exposure of all our students to all possible opportunities so that they are able to act from an informed perspective, at least in selecting an area of study for their career development. We encourage the selection of an area of technical competence that ensures that students are given a competence of their choice that may well become their life’s occupation in their later years.

We currently occupy two campuses one being the campus of the former Fellowship Primary and Junior High School and the main campus located in Boundbrook, Port Antonio. The school is staffed by one Principal and three Vice Principals in this era of its transition. The Fellowship Campus (Campus 2) operates as a ‘whole day’ school and the Main Campus continues on the shift basis.

Our School


The vision of the Port Antonio High School is to work assiduously towards achieving educational excellence through a wholesome learning environment.

About Us

January 2020, marks our 60th anniversary. We have definitely gone through a series of transformation which makes us very proud today.

Excellent Academics

We provide students with the tools necessary to collaborate, communicate, think critically and be creative which aids in the many successes.

Co-Curricular Activities

We are proud recipients of many awards in sports (football, cricket, cheerleading, etc.) and other activities (debate, 4H, among others).



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